Welsh place names a hit in Hungary as cities get a Welsh rebrand

“Other new names included Llanbedwen (church of the birch region, for Nyíregyháza), Llefyw (living place, for Debrecen), and Bwlch-y-Gafr (the goat’s path, referring to Kecskemét).”

Magyar Cymru

The new Welsh names of Hungary’s cities took the Hungarian media by storm after a Welsh-language map of the country emerged on social media.

Leading Hungarian news portal Index.hu referred to the translations as ‘beautiful’, while news outlets across the country introduced their cities’ new Welsh names with pride.

The map was published by Welsh-Hungarian information hub Magyar Cymru, who worked with train controller David Smith to translate the names of Hungarian cities including Szeged and Győr.

The 25-year-old, originally from Birmingham, went viral a few months ago after translating the entire London tube map into Welsh with the help of his friends.

Smith said: “I’m so pleased that the place names I created are now seen by thousands across Hungary, and I hope the map will inspire Hungarians to visit Wales once they are able to.”

Balint Brunner, Editor of Magyar Cymru, added: “We wanted to showcase Wales’…

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