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Life and Death

Originally posted on Nick Baines's Blog:
This is the script of this morning’s Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Recently my daughter gave birth eleven weeks prematurely. Both mum and baby are doing well. Then, last Sunday afternoon my mother died at 90, with all five of her children around…

World population has reached 8 billion – India’s history reminds us why population control is still a bad idea

Originally posted on Imperial & Global Forum:
Family Planning imagery on an Indian postage stamp, 1967. Attribution: Post of India, GODL-India, via Wikimedia Commons. Rebecca WilliamsUniversity of Exeter World population has probably now reached 8 billion. For many, this will be a cause for alarm rather than celebration. However, Natalia Kanem, the Executive Director of…

Life & Times of Elizabeth Windsor, 1963-78: Part 2 – Multicultural Britons.

Present into Past – The Problem of Retrospection: The closer that social historians get to their own times, the harder it is for them to be sure they have hold of what is essential about the period in question: the more difficult it is to separate the rich tapestry of social life which appears onContinue reading “Life & Times of Elizabeth Windsor, 1963-78: Part 2 – Multicultural Britons.”

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