A resolute woman who served her country for a very long time

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Queen Elizabeth II was proclaimed Queen throughout the UK and Commonwealth on 6 February 1952 and served her country until her death on September the 8th 2022.

Yesterday, when I had my lunch, suddenly worrying news came into many households all over the world. Though at that moment it was said that the Queen was placed under medical supervision at Balmoral. But heard that her doctors had become “concerned” about her health, and her immediate family had been informed, did ring some alarm bells.

Great Britain had celebrated her Platinum Jubilee and once again the people showed they had a heart for the Kingdom, and the Monarchy. The last few months, already at a blessed age, she probably knew her time was going to come to a close in the near future. She already started letting others do some work she otherwise would have done. Early in February she…

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