The Damage of COVID-19 in Education

Maliha Khanam

Source: Canva

Bangladesh has kept their educational institutions closed for the longest time after Panama. During this time, we are continuing online classes. However, for a country like Bangladesh, online classes are only a formality. A majority of students don’t have proper devices, network connection, and financial support to do online classes. At the same time, most of our teachers are not used to teaching online. Many of them also don’t have proper facilities. But we had no other options than this either.

There are countries like Denmark, France, Sweden, Vietnam, etc. who reopened their schools after quarantine and continuing without much problem. But due to our lack of medical facilities, we couldn’t take that risk. However, the current scenery is different.

Source: Canva

According to UNICEF, COVID-19 in children is not as severe as adults. And government has given free vaccination for the students of university. Most of the…

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